Brewery Insurance: Protecting Your Craft and Business

In the dynamic world of craft brewing, where passion meets precision, breweries are hubs of creativity, community, and commerce. Behind every pint of meticulously crafted beer lies hours of dedication, skill, and investment. While brewers focus on perfecting their recipes and delighting customers, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of safeguarding your brewery with comprehensive insurance coverage. A brewery is more than just a place where beer is made; it’s a complex operation with valuable assets. From brewing equipment and fermentation tanks to the physical brewery premises itself, there are numerous assets [...]

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Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

Does your business need public liability insurance to cover any future lawsuits and the settlement or compensation costs that come with them? While this coverage is not required unlike employers’ liability insurance, which includes workers' compensation, it is safe to say every business needs public liability protection to some extent.How much public liability coverage you need depends on what kind of business you are in and your own unique risks. For example, a landscaper or brewery could have greater risks than a walk-in retail store or professional business (realtor, insurance agency, or attorney [...]

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Brewery Insurance … So Many Different Coverage Options

You've worked hard to build a successful business. Now it's time to make sure you're protecting your investment. All businesses that sell alcohol face unique challenges but craft breweries have additional risks that can keep you up at night. Many small and mid-sized breweries also operate restaurants so you may have exposure similar to a bar/restaurant like selling alcohol, kitchen accidents, food spoilage, and special events. In addition, you also have the risks that come with brewing like batch contamination, leakage, transportation/delivery, tasting rooms, production facilities, and more. You've put so much [...]

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Just as wine and beer evolves – so should your insurance!

Have you ever dreamt of running your own winery or brewery? Many great businesses start when a person has the idea to make a hobby their full-time career.  But as your hobby evolves into your livelihood, there are many business decisions that need to be made daily even before you open the doors… insurance being one of them. At Gannon Associates Insurance, we can offer insurance packages that are as unique as your business.  We have dedicated sales and service staff that specialize in different types of [...]

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