Insurance to meet your needs and budget

Municipalities face a lot of risks. From a child getting hurt on a community playground to a town official being sued as the result of their decision-making, many things can go wrong when you are running local government.

How can you protect yourself, your staff, and your municipality? The right insurance coverage can help you manage the risks. Every county, parish, town, township, city, and village are unique and require insurance solutions tailored to their distinct needs.

Gannon Associates has been providing insurance solutions to businesses and organizations for nearly 50 years. We work with a wide variety of industries including municipalities. We understand the unique risks you face from accidents involving community property to lawsuits based on decisions you make. We offer the options you need to ensure you’re covered correctly.

 Working with many of the top insurance companies in the country, we will tailor an insurance program that meets the needs of your operation at a price that fits your budget. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you and provide the peace of mind you deserve knowing your business and employees are covered correctly.

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Steve Sumner, CPCU, MBA
Steve Sumner, CPCU, MBADirector of Commercial Insurance