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    – Group Health Insurance –

    With our local expertise, stellar products, and exceptional customer service, we can assist you and your staff with:

    Health Care Reform:

    Commonly known as “Obamacare”, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impacts you. Gannon Associates Insurance has a team of licensed staff certified in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) who are ready to assist you. We’ll stay on top of anticipated major changes in health care reform as they develop.

    Enrollment & Changes:

    We will process changes and enrollments for you and follow up with communication to the carrier and you, ensuring a smooth transition for all new benefits participants.

    COBRA Administration:

    COBRA Administration can be challenging for employers. We offer a platform that ensures compliance and timeliness. Let us handle your COBRA Administration and let you get back to business.

    HSA/FSA/HRA Administration:

    Offering high deductible health care plans can help you, the employer, save on premium costs. Coupling those plans with an HSA/FSA/HRA can help offset the employee costs and increase employee loyalty.

    – Vision Insurance –

    Basic exams, lenses and contacts are covered with Group Vision Insurance. With certain carriers, employers may also attach a rider to the policy, allowing employees the option of having safety glasses.

    – Dental Insurance –

    Basic and major services are covered with Group Dental Insurance. Depending on group size, employers may also offer their employees orthodontic coverage.

    – Group Life Insurance –

    Group life insurance can offer you and your employees benefits similar to those of a group health plan. Offering an affordable life insurance option to your employees will help you hire and retain good employees. It will also give them the multiple benefits of a life insurance policy, something that may have been previously unaffordable.

    Group life insurance will offer you and your employees similar benefits as an individual plan, including but not limited to:

    • Covering final expenses
    • Providing your heirs with an inheritance
    • Continue providing for your dependents
    • Contributing to charities
    • Paying federal and state death taxes
    • Establishing a retirement savings account

    – Wellness –

    Program Overview: “myInertia” (corporate wellness) is an online wellness management system that provides the foundation for an easy-to-manage and engaging wellness program. The platform brings together multiple initiatives into one central hub for simplified administration, while inspiring employees to make ongoing healthy choices.

    Services Available:

    • Assistance with wellness program development
    • Tracking wellness initiatives and points with Scorecard
    • Activity tracking manually or with integrated devices
    • Weight monitoring manually or automatically with the myInertia wireless Scale
    • Blood pressure monitoring manually or automatically
    • Unlimited automated and customized activity challenges
    • Automated 12 week weight challenges
    • Customized healthy challenges in Scorecard