How to Handle Life Insurance Proceeds?

When your spouse passes away there are suddenly so many changes happening. You are grieving, trying to adjust to life without them, being pulled into a million different directions to handle the arrangements, the paperwork, and everything else that comes with this loss. It can be very overwhelming. The biggest concern we often hear people talk about is money. We hear stories about people who didn’t have life insurance and now their loved ones are in financial ruin trying to handle everything. But what about the other side of the coin? What happens [...]

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Let Us Help You with Your What If’s

Picture this. You spend months planning your dream wedding. Everything is perfect. You have selected the most amazing venue, your vendors are lined up and are hand-selected to fit your dream, you have all of your friends and family coming in from out of town and you are so excited to marry the love of your life. You wake up the morning of your wedding to find that your venue had burned down overnight, along with all of your decorations and your dress. Sometimes, hoping, planning, and dreaming sometimes just are not enough. [...]

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How to Navigate Group Benefits

As a business owner you are looking to attract, hire, and retain the best employees you can. One key way to do this is to offer group benefits. However, if you have never offered group benefits before, it can be confusing, messy, and honestly hard to understand sometimes. In today’s world there are so many different benefits you can offer to your employees, but not only that, there are so many regulations and laws regarding these benefits.   To try to tackle it on your own may be overwhelming! Let’s start by discussing a [...]

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Personal Article Floater? Why you need one.

There are misconceptions that all of your personal property is insured under your homeowners, renters, condo, or dwelling insurance policies. The truth of the matter is that most valuables have limits on coverage that the policy will actually cover. Your standard policy will only protect your valuables against losses listed in your policy such as fire, smoke, vandalism, etc. It will also only cover the items for the limit specified. These limits and exclusions often leave individuals underinsured. A personal article floater is a separate policy, or sometimes a rider on your homeowners’ [...]

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EPLI Insurance, What is it?

Many businesses, big and small, like to consider themselves as a family. This is why many employers could never consider that they could be sued by an employee, past, present, or future. However, a study conducted by Trusted Choice shows that over the last 20 years, employee lawsuits have risen 400%, with wrongful termination suits rising 260%. Employee lawsuits are a common form of business-related claims and employment practices liability insurance can help to provide financial protection from a variety of employee claims. Employment practices liability insurance can also aid in defense costs [...]

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Amanda’s Story – You Can’t Buy Love, Or Can You?

Nobody likes to buy insurance.  It’s the one item that we buy that there is not a guarantee on a certain return.   We hear the tragic stories of others on our newsfeed or on the news.  We think for a moment, what if something unfortunate happens to myself or one of my family members? These morbid thoughts would enter into my head and then I’d dismiss it and tell myself, “I am not going to be like one of those people that I see on the funny insurance commercials.  Do squirrels really high-five [...]

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Are you fully covered? Insurance Gaps….

We don’t know, what we don’t know… about insurance gaps. Do you have insurance? If you own a car, you are required by law to have auto insurance. You may have homeowners or renter’s insurance depending on your living situation. You may have even taken the steps to get life insurance or disability insurance, or, your employer may provide those benefits. No matter who you are or what your life choices have led to, you most likely have some sort of insurance. However, the real question is, do you have enough insurance coverage [...]

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Gannon and Animal Care Sanctuary team up for Athens Street Fair!

The 7th Annual Athens Street Fair takes place on Friday, July 20th (12 PM – 8 PM) and Saturday the 21st (9 AM – 2 PM) on S Main Street in downtown Athens. The Street Fair will have over 65 different vendors, delicious food, fun games for the kids and live music performances by Devin Franks and the Ampersand Project. We will be teaming up with the Animal Care Sanctuary to try to find some pets their “forever homes”. The Animal Care Sanctuary will be bringing adoptable dogs and if the weather [...]

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Cheers to Santa Coming to Your Town

Every community, organization and holiday event seems to have its own Santa Claus— a jolly volunteer behind the flowing white beard and garbed in that familiar red and white suit. Such is the case with Jeff Ruddell, a member of the Gannon Associates family working out of its Tunkhannock office. Jeff has been playing Santa for “15 years at least” and was again the main attraction (for kids anxious to get on Santa’s good side anyway) at Tunkhannock’s recent Christmas in Our Hometown event. Gannon was the corporate sponsor, along with Travelers, [...]

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Gannon Still a Standout in Best Practices

Gannon Associates Insurance retains its Best Practices status, once again becoming a part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States. This status comes by participating in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) Best Practices Study group. The annual survey and Study of leading independent insurance agencies documents the business practices of the “best” agencies and urges others to adopt similar practices. Since 1993, IIABA and Reagan Consulting, an Atlanta-based management consulting firm, have join forces to study the country’s leading [...]

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