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10 Quick Tips for Car Care for Cold Winter Weather

With this incoming cold weather, one of our staff members, Amanda Alexander, who worked in the car industry for 15 years, shares her top 10 advice tips that vehicle service advisors give to their customers: Get your battery checked. The number one symptom we see with cold weather is vehicles not starting in the morning. Car manufacturers recommend changing a car battery every 3 years, so if your battery is older than that, make a quick trip to a local auto parts store or your garage to have your battery checked. When [...]

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Car Accident! Now what?

Imagine this. You are driving down a country road on a warm summer night. It is dark out and you are on your way home from a great night of hanging out with your friends. You are about to take a turn when SMACK you are hit by an oncoming car. You and the other party both come to a stop and thankfully you are both okay minus a few scratches, bumps, and bruises. However, the cars do not look good. You have officially been in a car accident. What now? Check [...]

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Canadian ID Cards

Have you ever traveled into Canada and not had Canadian ID cards? You are probably asking yourself what Canadian ID cards are right about now. Do not worry, we have you covered and have the facts to make sure you are protected when visiting north of the border. What is a Canadian ID Card? A Canadian ID card, also known as Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card, is proof that your USA auto policy liability limits meet the minimum requirements for each and all Canadian provinces and territories and that your [...]

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Hitting Close to Home!

We were recently pounded in Northeastern Pa with some serious storms. It’s not uncommon in our area but the worst part is it could happen anywhere at any time! My friend’s vehicle was damaged severely with golf ball sized hail. Here are some pictures of the damage: I did a quick Google search about hail claims and his carrier and the results were not very positive. Do you know if you are covered for damage like this? Do you know what steps to take as soon as this happens to you? Our [...]

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