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The 5 Parts of an Insurance Policy

Insurance policies contain a ton of information and can often seem overwhelming. Let’s go through it together and breakdown 5 important parts of an insurance policy: Premium Premium is the cost you pay for your insurance coverage. It is typically paid on a monthly, bi-annual, or annual basis. This amount is paid regardless of if you file a claim or not. If cost is an important factor to you when choosing your insurance, you should focus on this section. Deductible Deductible is the cost you pay out of pocket in the event of [...]

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Workers Compensation Claim Checklist

In a perfect world, workplace accidents wouldn’t happen, and employees would never become injured or ill as a result of their job. Unfortunately, the reality is that over 2 million workplace injuries were reported in 2020 and the numbers seem to be increasing. As a business owner, you can institute safety policies and procedures to help keep your employees safe, but accidents do happen. What do you do when an employee becomes injured or ill as a result of their job? This is where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. The process of filing [...]

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How to Change a Flat Tire

A flat tire can ruin your whole day! Every vehicle is different but this general guide on how to change a tire and what to be aware of during the process can help get your day back on track. Step 1. Asses Your Surroundings Once you realize you have a flat tire, you want to assess your surroundings. Are you on level and stable ground? If so, then go ahead with changing your tire. If not, safely move your vehicle to level and stable ground. Step 2. Apply Your Safety Measures Once your [...]

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Why You Should Work With an Insurance Agent for Your Small Business

Late nights, long hours, blood, sweat, and tears… you’ve poured everything you’ve got into your small business and it’s something you want to protect. Business insurance is a great way to help ensure just that but like most you aren’t an insurance expert. So how do you make sure your business is being protected properly? This is where your insurance agent come in. Your insurance agent brings a lot to the table when it comes to your small business. Consider the following: Team Player. Running a business requires a lot. Building a team [...]

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Teaching Your Teen to Avoid Distracted Driving

Driving a huge responsibility! Teaching your teen to drive can be both scary and exciting but it’s important to take time and educate them on the seriousness of this milestone. It’s important for your teen to understand that the actions or inactions they take behind the wheel can lead to accidents that could end in serious injuries and damage or worse. Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of driving accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2020 [...]

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2022 Predictions: A Look Back

At the end of 2021, our staff made their predictions on how 2022 was going to go. The year flew by but here we are! Now that 2022 is wrapping up, let’s look back and see just how right they were… Superbowl Winner? We had a little competition when it came to predicting the Super Bowl winner for 2022. Predictions included the Eagles and Packers, and that a team who has never won before will take the NFL Championship title. The big game came down to the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati [...]

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Winter Safety Tips For The Office

Winter has arrived and with it comes lower temperatures, snow, and ice! Whether it’s a full-blown blizzard or just a cold snap, the onset of winter means that it’s time for businesses to think about their winter safety plan. A winter safety plan typically includes proactive steps to reduce injuries related to winter weather, minimizing cold exposure, and communication plans. Consider the following safety tips when developing or reviewing a winter safety plan: Minimize Slippery Areas De-ice parking lots, sidewalks, entryways, and outdoor break areas Reroute people using caution signs, rope, cones, or [...]

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Snow Storm Preparedness

In the northeast, winter can be brutal. Just like other parts of the country encounter hurricanes or tornados, we have snowstorms. Snowstorms in the northeast can be so extreme that you could get snowed into your home for days on end and it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. Stock Your Pantry After a heavy snowfall or blizzard, power outages are likely. This could leave you depending on non-perishable food items while you wait to be dug out. Making sure that you have water, canned goods, and snacks on hand can be [...]

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Preparing Your Teen For Winter Driving

Winter driving can be intimidating for anyone, but it’s especially overwhelming for new drivers who may not be as comfortable behind the wheel. Snow and ice can make driving conditions dangerous and preparing your teen drivers properly could save their life. Having a conversation with your teen about the dangers of driving in winter weather is a great way to help prepare them. Share some of your own experience and some winter driving dos and don’ts such as: Do Take it slow. Traction is one of the biggest challenges when roads are icy [...]

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Questions To Ask Before Signing A Lease

Congratulations! Finding a new apartment can be exciting. You have searched high and low, toured dozens of apartments, and finally found the perfect one. While you may have information such as the cost of rent and what utilities are included, some details may have been overlooked. Consider these important questions you may want to ask your potential landlord before signing your lease. Are there any move-in fees? Most apartments require more than just the first month’s rent in order to move in. Additional upfront costs can often include last month’s rent, security deposit, [...]

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