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Controlling Loss Is a Risky Business

In the insurance business, risks are something you don’t take lightly, and our new loss control initiative underlines how important it is to keep risks at a minimum. Loss control is synonymous with risk management, or identifying risks and minimizing them as much as possible to prevent loss. This is an industry where we insure people and businesses from losses by taking on the risk for a price, knowing we may have to pay for a significant loss down the road. Naturally, it is good business practice to avoid customers whose lifestyles [...]

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Kyle Kintner Joins Gannon Associates Team

A Towanda Area High School alumnus has returned to his roots by accepting a position as a commercial insurance producer for Gannon Associates Insurance. Kyle D. Kintner brings to the table the dual expertise and experience of a former public school teacher as well as a field supervisor and division manager in the oil and gas industry. “I’m excited about joining Gannon Associates and working as an insurance specialist within the oil and gas industry,” reported Kintner, who says he “enjoys working and interacting with others” and welcomes what he believes will [...]

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Rewarding Our Customers, Charities for Referrals

Customer referrals have always been the lifeblood of local businesses, but it doesn’t hurt to give your valued customers incentives to pass the word on. That’s the theory behind the new Customer Referral Program recently implemented by Gannon Associates Insurance. Not only is this a potential financial reward for those making referrals to the region’s largest independent insurance agency and the customer’s preferred agent, but at the same time, it means a donation to the chosen local charity of the winner. The theme for the referral program is: “Together, everyone wins!” Here’s [...]

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How Insurers Survive Catastrophic Events

Insurance coverage is all about risk, but the biggest risks, and the hardest to predict, are from natural and man-made disasters. How do insurance companies handle catastrophic insurance losses? According to Property Claim Services, a catastrophe is “an event that causes $25 million or more in insured property losses and affects a significant number of property/casualty policyholders and insurers.” There are, of course, insurance carriers, known as reinsurers, who specialize in covering catastrophic losses. Insurance companies have to pay the price for the peace of mind that they will be able to [...]

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Bringing More Resources to You in Real Time

Welcome to the newly refurbished website of Gannon Associates Insurance. Among our priorities in this wholesale upgrade was to become more user friendly for our customers, as well as those of you checking us out for the first time. Since you are probably here in pursuit of insurance and business solutions, we want to make the experience as rewarding as possible. Whether it’s a basic homeowner’s policy or group health coverage for a business owner, the information should be clear and concise— a resource you will return to whenever you have insurance [...]

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What Can Annuities Do for You?

Insurance companies do not, as a rule, specialize in investments or financial planning, but they definitely offer investment tools. An insurance policy itself is an investment in the future, because it helps you regain your financial footing in the event of serious health setbacks, property damage, injury on the job and even lawsuits. But if you regard an investment as using your money for profitable returns, insurance coverage doesn’t necessarily fit that definition. One investment tool insurance companies offer is an annuity. An annuity, as its name suggests, is something you receive [...]

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Covering Business Property and Time

Two things always go together when we talk about commercial property insurance— buildings and contents. They represent the future of your business and significant loss of either one would be a major setback. Some things are irreplaceable, especially on the contents side, but you need to be covered at a realistic replacement cost and not just what you paid for it. Then there is time. Time lost and time unable to do what you do for a living, as well as paying the people who work for you, whether a staff of [...]

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Types of Workplace Emergencies

Many companies have no protocols in place to deal with an emergency. Some businesses do think to plan for emergencies, but then fail to execute drills and practice sessions. You may have a good plan on paper, but until you carry out practice drills, you do not know if it is effective. Maintaining your commercial insurance helps to prepare for accidents and emergencies, but having plans in place can mean lessening the impact on your business and staff members. Learn about common workplace emergencies. Medical Emergencies Medical emergencies can happen in any [...]

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