In the world of insurance, where trust and reliability are critical, reaching the 50-year mark is worth a celebration. Gannon Associates Insurance is proud to be celebrating their golden anniversary this year. Established in 1973 by Max Gannon, Gannon Associates Insurance has been a source of support and security for countless individuals and businesses across our area and beyond. As they commemorate half a century of unwavering dedication to their clients and commitment to insurance excellence, it is the perfect time to reflect on the journey that led to this remarkable achievement.


The Founding Vision

Gannon Associates Insurance began with a vision to provide peace of mind when facing the uncertainties of life.

Even before he started at Tuscarora Wayne in 1971, Max P. Gannon Jr. knew he wanted to get into a business where he could visit people, identify their needs, and help to provide the peace of mind they needed.  When he started, Max worked for Jim Chadwick as an insurance sales agent for 2 years, learning the business and building relationships with people around the Wyalusing area.

In 1973, Tuscarora Wayne decided to change their business model and gave their agents the option to purchase their client list. Max took advantage of this opportunity and founded Gannon Associates Insurance with the mission to strive to build customer loyalty… serving our customers by partnering with them in the management of the risks they face and delivering the best available product, at a competitive price, with unparalleled service. Working out of the trunk of his car and a filing cabinet in his kitchen, Max continued to build his business and serve his clients throughout the year and in 1974 he opened the first official Gannon Associates Insurance office with 3 employees on Bridge Street in Towanda, PA.


Growth and Adaptation

Over the years, Gannon Associates Insurance has experienced significant growth and change. Growing from one office and three employees to ten locations in two states and over 90 employees was no easy task. As Max says, “It’s all about the people.” When it comes to hiring, Gannon’s has always worked to hire talented and dedicated individuals who are committed to working with their customers, our company partners, and each other in a cooperative relationship of trust and respect.

The company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements in technology has also contributed to helping to better serve their clients. With a wide range of insurance products, over 85 carrier partners, and tools for both staff and customers, Gannon Associates Insurance strives to provide tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of the people they serve.

In the last 50 years Gannon Associates Insurance has seen over 20 acquisitions and 3 private start-ups, but an unexpected development is their partnership with Agri-Services Agency.

An Unexpected Partnership

During the early years of Gannon Associates Insurance, Max was approached by Dairylea to consult on their new health insurance program for farmers. At the time farmers were continuing to have difficulty obtaining quality and affordable health insurance coverage for their families and employees. Max came on board to help build a group health insurance plan to help cover farmers across the country. Agri-Services Agency offers a variety of competitively priced, high-quality workers’ compensation and group health insurance programs designed to give agribusiness owners a competitive edge and to help attract and retain good employees. Through the partnership with Gannon Associates, Agri-Services Agency has access to additional programs for property and casualty insurance and even more workers’ comp and health and benefits coverage.

Today, Agri-Services Agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America, but the Gannon family still plays an important part with Max having served as president from 2000 until 2021 and his son Mark acting as the General Manager since 2021. Gannon Associates Insurance also manages the Agri-Services Agency Service Center in Athens, PA which serves farmers and their employees across the country. This partnership has opened doors and expanded the reach of Gannon Associates beyond the local region, with customers in 48 states.


Family Founded

Gannon Associates Insurance may work with customers across the nation, but they are still a small town, family-owned and oriented business at their core. It was no surprise when Max’s son, Mark Gannon, came on board in 1995. Max and Mark worked together for many years with Mark becoming the CEO of Gannon Associates Insurance in 2008.


Community Focused

From the beginning, Gannon Associates Insurance has been committed to their customers, employees, and the broader communities in which they live and work. They believe in giving back and have consistently invested in community initiatives, sponsorships, and charitable work. Gannon Associates’ dedication to improving their communities by supporting local organizations and charities is deeply engrained in their culture.

In addition to company involvement, the staff at Gannon Associates insurance are encouraged to regularly participate in community events and serve as community leaders as coaches, board members, and volunteers.  From their start in 1973, Max has instilled a community first culture that they carry on today and will continue to guide us for years to come.


Celebrating 50 Years

Gannon Associates Insurance’s 50th anniversary is not just a testament to Max’s vision but a celebration of the trust, reliability, and dedication that has defined the journey. As they look back on five decades of unwavering commitment to their clients and communities, they set their sights on a future filled with promise and potential. Gannon Associates Insurance’s golden milestone is a reminder that when it comes to securing your future, they are a company that has been by your side and can always count on. With a focus and commitment to the insurance industry, their customers and communities and embracing innovation, their goal is to continue providing cutting-edge insurance solutions and exceptional service for many years to come.

Gannon Associates is excited to celebrate this remarkable achievement, and here is to the next 50 years of insurance excellence!