Across all types of business, consolidation is a common theme, large companies from outside our region are taking over small local businesses. The insurance industry is not immune to this trend, companies from big cities across the country are swooping in purchasing local independent agents in our hometowns. Although these businesses have every intention of staying the same, when large companies from far away dictate how they operate, it can be difficult not to change.

Both Gannon Associates Insurance and DGK Insurance recognize this trend and want to continue to serve our communities the way we have for decades. The leadership teams at Gannon’s and DGK realized the best way to do this is to work together, merging two great teams and solidifying our local commitment to Northeast and Central Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York for years to come.

Gannon’s and DGK share a regional footprint and serve customers in similar industries throughout the area. Most importantly, both companies share the same values of community, passion for the industry, quality, integrity and partnership with their customers. Both organizations have a long history of serving the people and businesses of our area. When the chance to develop a partnership arose, both teams knew this was a great opportunity.

Gannon Associates Insurance was founded in 1973 and has nine offices throughout Pennsylvania and New York. Gannon’s offers all lines of insurance including personal insurance such as home and auto, life, benefits including group health, individual health and Medicare and all lines of commercial insurance. DGK opened in 1917 with its home office in Factoryville, PA. DGK and Gannon offerings complement each other quite well opening up new markets and carriers for our customers. The combined strength of both teams will help prepare us for a continued future as a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency.