Congratulations! Finding a new apartment can be exciting. You have searched high and low, toured dozens of apartments, and finally found the perfect one. While you may have information such as the cost of rent and what utilities are included, some details may have been overlooked. Consider these important questions you may want to ask your potential landlord before signing your lease.

Are there any move-in fees? Most apartments require more than just the first month’s rent in order to move in. Additional upfront costs can often include last month’s rent, security deposit, administrative fees, and maintenance fees. These costs and fees depend on the landlord or housing complex but it’s important to ask about them before signing a lease so that you are aware of what is needed to move in.

How much can you decorate the apartment? Just because you are renting a space, does not mean that you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Often times landlords will restrict how much a tenant can personalize a space including not allowing walls to be painted or shelves to be hung. Clarifying any décor changes you wish to make prior to signing a lease can help avoid any confusion or frustration later down the road. It can also save you dorm from having to pay any fees associated with breaking any part of the lease.

Are pets allowed? If you are a pet owner or wish to become one, you likely know how difficult renting with pets can be. So many apartments do not allow pets or require pet deposits before your pet can move in. Asking your landlord what the rules are surrounding pets and knowing any limitations your lease may outline can help avoid future conflict or stress.

How is maintenance handled? One of the benefits of renting versus owning is that you are not responsible for repairs to your apartment. However, it is a good idea to clarify what the policies and procedures are regarding maintenance needs prior to signing your lease. Confirm who you should call and make sure that you have their number handy.

What does the lease renewal process look like? When you are first moving into a new apartment, renewal is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, many landlords build automatic renewals into their leases and can require written notice if you wish to leave. It is beneficial to know what the renewal process looks like ahead of time so that you can follow proper procedure when that time comes, otherwise, you could be facing large fees should you choose to break your lease or not follow the rules outlined in your lease.

Is renters insurance required? Many landlords or housing complexes require their tenants to have renters insurance prior to moving in. It’s important to know if you are required to have this prior to signing your lease as you may need proof of insurance to sign or move in.

Regardless of if renters insurance is required, it is a good idea. Renters insurance protects your personal property against damage or loss and provides liability protection for covered events that occur both inside and outside your home.

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