Nothing is better than cuddling up with your favorite little kitten or playing with your beloved dog in the yard after a long day. However, there is a lot more that goes into raising a pet responsibly. Check out these tips to help you ensure you’re taking care of your pet in a responsible way.

Research, Research, Research. Not all animals have the same needs, but having a general understanding of your pet’s individual needs will help you better take care of them. Consider what type of food your pet needs or what temperatures they can tolerate or prefer. Does your pet need exercise, and if so, how much? What medications or vaccinations does your pet require? Look towards resources at your local pet store, shelter, or online. Consult your trusted veterinarian when you are in doubt about something.

Nutritious and Delicious. While your pet may want those Doritos you are eating, it doesn’t mean that snack is good for them. Consider what food you feed your pet, and pay attention to the nutritional value. Talk to your vet about what nutrients your pet needs and how much food they should be eating for their breed, weight, and age. Double-check your research before feeding your pet anything not specifically made for them.

Spay and Neuter. While spaying and neutering your pet is a surefire way to prevent any unplanned babies in the future, it also offers other health benefits. Spaying a female pet can decrease their chances of uterine infections and breast tumors while neutering a male pet can prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems. Look for free spay and neuter events in your community or consult your vet for an appointment.

Exercise Regularly. Just like you, your pet may need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Make sure you have enough space for your pet to stretch and play. If you own a dog, consider regular walks outside the home or finding a local dog park. For pets that remain indoors, try investing in toys that promote exercises such as hamster wheels or balls.

Quality Time. When you first get your pet, you may spend a lot of time with them. However, over time your attention may fade as your pet falls into a routine part of your everyday life and routine. Find time every day to play, walk, or even just cuddle with your pet. Making sure they feel loved and cared for by spending quality time with them can have a positive impact on their overall health.

Pet Insurance. Accidents happen and when they do you want to be able to get your pet the medical assistance they need quickly. Pet insurance helps ensure you never have to make a tough decision between your pet and your financial well-being. Talk to your Gannon Associates Insurance agent today by calling us at 844-GANNONS to discuss pet insurance.

Remember, as a pet owner, you are your pet’s entire world. Taking the time to make sure you are taking care of them responsibly can make a world of difference.