Insurance is complicated! We know how intimidating it can be to even consider joining the industry when it can be difficult to comprehend as a customer. The thought of jumping into the insurance world and starting a whole new career can be overwhelming, but thankfully with Gannon Associates Insurance, you are not alone.

We understand the importance of training and developing new employees. However, we also understand that not everyone joining our team has the knowledge our more senior staff do. Therefore, we put a considerable focus on onboarding and education.

Our training and development supervisor provides new hires with personalized training timelines and content specific to the agency and position they are entering. In addition, we meet regularly to ensure our new hires understand the information they receive and encourage them to ask questions along the way.

We have implemented a variety of different techniques in our onboarding process. These include one-on-one mentoring sessions, self-paced, interactive modules and curriculum, carrier interactions, and a regimen of instruction from well-versed professionals.

From the beginning, we want our team to understand the benchmarks and consistent efforts we use to successfully plan and build the skills we need to reinforce learning. We are open about our business goals and the organization’s procedures to address and support these goals.

But it does not stop there! The growth and success of all our employees are significant to us.

Gannon Associates Insurance has skilled and effective training management that assesses the company’s learning needs. In addition, our leaders advocate and understand the importance of training and embrace the goals and metrics used to gauge the progress.

We pride ourselves on our values of community, passion, quality, integrity, and partnership. When we start from the ground up with all our staff and implement enthusiastic training and guidance, we can provide excellent service to our customers and better support those values.

So, if you have ever considered an insurance career or are just looking for a new path, check out our open positions by visiting!