As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, it becomes more important to be vigilant about your online safety. Take a moment to detox your devices using these helpful tips:

Review your online accounts. Go through any online accounts you have and delete any you no longer use. Update the personal information associated with those accounts and remove any unnecessary information.

Update your passwords. Update any passwords that haven’t been updated in the last year, making sure to use complex longer passwords with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a secure password manager to store your passwords.

Clean up your files. Delete any unused or unnecessary files. Empty the trash when you are done.

Purge your email. Clean out any old emails, unsubscribing from newsletters and mailing lists you no longer read. Review your email privacy settings and security features.

Clean up your browsers. Check your internet web browser privacy and security settings. Clean up any old data by clearing your cache and cookies. Delete any autofill information and set your browser to not store any passwords. Delete any unused browsers.

Update your devices. Most phones, tablets, and computers need updating from time to time. Make sure your devices are fully updated to reduce risks from cyber attacks. Delete any unused or unnecessary apps or software.

Refresh your socials. Review and update any social media profiles by updating your information and deleting anything that no longer applies. Review your privacy and security settings, making sure they are set to levels you are comfortable with. Log out of any devices that you do not use.

Lock everything down. Set up 2-factor authentication on any online accounts and social media profiles.

We all know the convenience that devices such as laptops and smartphones provide, but with the good comes the bad. The increase in technology has led to an increase in cyber attacks for everyone from large corporations to everyday individuals. Detoxing your devices with these devices can help keep you safe online. Cyber insurance can help cover you in the event a cyber-attack does happen. Give us a call at 844-GANNONS to learn more about cyber insurance and get a quote today!