As the weather warms up, we are in the middle of spring. Spring can be a great season full of baseball games, rain showers, and fresh flowers. However, spring also brings with it the damage that winter left behind. Snow and ice can damage your property and it is important to do some cleanup and get ready for the warmer weather. As you spring clean your home, keep the following tips in mind.

Clean up Your Yard

Yard maintenance can make a large difference in the safety of your property. You should trim your trees of any dead branches that are at risk of falling, clean up debris that had been buried under snow, and fill in any animal holes left from the fall and winter. A professional can be helpful if you are not comfortable with yard word and could help you identify problem areas in your yard.

Crackdown on your Exterior

Use the warmer weather as a chance to clean out gutters and make minor repairs to your property. Make sure to clean out gutters and check eaves. Taking care of smaller issues keeps them from evolving into larger issues. You can have a professional look at your roof if you suspect any water or ice damage.

Check Your Home

Basements can be a large problem area. Keep an eye out for leaking or flooding, basements can have hidden water leaks. Have your property checked for mold and foundation problems which can damage your health and home. Check for any signs of insects or rodents that may have entered your home throughout the winter months. Contact professionals for help if needed.

Test Your Detectors

You should routinely check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. Swap the batteries out every spring just to ensure they are up to date and won’t die later on. You don’t want to realize there was an issue when its too late.

Review Your Insurance Coverages

Schedule a meeting with your insurance agent and review your coverages to make sure that you are fully protected and cover your needs. Your agent will be able to recommend any coverages you may need but not have as well as make sure your current coverages are up to date and that you are getting the right coverage at the right price.

Spring cleaning may not be your favorite thing, but it can make a big difference for your home. When you go the extra mile with these tips, you ensure that your property is safe and secure.