We live in a technology world. Most people rely on technology to live their everyday life.  Whether it is getting news on our computer, purchasing items online, or using social media sites on our Smart Phone; the average American spends at least 8 hours a week of screen time online.  It is an exciting time to be alive; however, it also a scary time. With increasing technology use comes increasing threats. The technology we all rely on every day gives us a window to the outside world, but it also gives the outside world a window to us. How do you protect yourself? This is where you should consider cyber insurance to help protect you from the dark web. You may think cyber insurance is only for large companies or high net-worth individuals, but the truth is that everyday people can and do benefit from cyber insurance as well.

Cyber insurance is insurance that generally covers you in the event of a data breach or cyber-attack. Cyber liability can help an individual in many ways. The following are just a few ways that a cyber liability policy may be able to help. As always, coverage is dependent on your carrier and selected options.

Data recovery costs. Costs of a professional firm hired to replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted.

System restoration costs. Cost of a professional firm to restore the computing or connected home device to its level of functionality before the cyber-attack. Includes replacement or reinstallation of software programs, removal of malicious code, and the configuration of the device or system.

Professional assistance from a subject matter expert for advice and consultation on how to best respond to a threat.

Cyber extortion response costs. The payment as directed to the extortion threat, when payment is approved in advance and incurred as the direct result of a cyber-extortion event.

Online fraud. The first financial loss to an insured as the result of a fraud event involving computing or connected home device including but not limited to identity theft, unauthorized use of a card, card number, or account number in an insureds name, or forgery of a check.

Forensic IT Review. Cost for a professional information technologist to review the nature and extent of the breach event, the number, and identities of the affected individuals.

Legal Review. Cost for a professional legal counsel to review and develop a response for the personal data compromise.

Notification to Affected Individuals. Necessary and reasonable costs to provide notification of the personal data compromise to affected individuals.

Services to Affected Individuals. Cost to provide informational materials and telephone helpline to affected individuals. Credit Report and Monitoring and Identity Restoration Case Management services provided for breaches involving personally identifying information.

Cyberbullying Costs. Cost of mental health counseling services, temporary relocation expenses, temporary private tutoring and enrollment expenses incurred due to relocation to a similar, alternative school. Cost of professional cybersecurity consultation services, social monitoring software, legal expenses, and lost wages and childcare and elder care expenses.

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