Most businesses today use technology both in the workplace and with consumers. Technology is used to do everything from general business, store private information, maintain communication, and much more. With the use of technology increasing every day, it is vital to protect your company when it comes to cyber threats. According to USA TODAY, 60% of small business go out of businesses within 6 months of a cyber attack and the cost of an attack can range from $84,000 to $148,000. They also note that almost two-thirds of all attacks are aimed at smaller businesses.

Cyber Liability Insurance can cover many threats that cybercrime poses. The following are 6 potential risks that can be covered.

  1. Data loss and system damage
  2. Business interruption
  3. PR/Crisis management
  4. Notification expenses
  5. Regulatory investigation expense
  6. Content liability

Every business and organization that uses technology to conduct business in any capacity should consider protection from these risks. There are many cyber threats that threaten companies and most standard insurance policies do not cover these threats. This is where Cyber Liability Insurance comes into play.

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