Have you ever traveled to Canada and not had Canadian ID cards? You are probably asking yourself what Canadian ID cards are right about now. Do not worry, we have you covered and have the facts to make sure you are protected when visiting the north of the border.

What is a Canadian ID Card?

A Canadian ID card, also known as Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card, is proof that your USA auto policy liability limits meet the minimum requirements for each and all Canadian provinces and territories and that your coverage extends to Canada and its territories.

Am I required to have one?

All USA residents are required by law to carry these cards with them when traveling to Canada or risk fines in the event of an accident or being pulled over.

Do I need to carry anything else when traveling to Canada?

USA residents must also carry vehicle ownership papers in addition to the Canadian ID card. It is also strongly recommended that drivers carry a copy of their insurance policy with them.

What happens if I don’t have a Canadian ID Card and I get into an accident or get pulled over?

USA residents who do not carry a Canadian ID Card and are stopped by Canadian Police or involved in an accident while in Canada are at risk of being fined or having their vehicle impounded until proof of proper coverage can be obtained.

Where do I get a Canadian ID Card?

Your insurance carrier can issue these cards to the insured party if your coverage meets legal requirements and the company has filed a Power of Attorney and Undertaking and will meet the minimum legal requirement in any Canadian province where the insured will travel.

Make sure to protect yourself when traveling north of the border and reach out to your insurance company or your insurance agent to get a Canadian ID Card prior to any travel.