The best way for me to tell you how easy it has become is a case study. A good friend of mine wanted to get life insurance, but he and his wife never had the time to sit down with me and go through the paperwork. They have 3 kids, multiple commitments in the community, and jobs. Something had to give.

Enter electronic applications. We had already agreed on a quote via email and phone so I knew what policies they wanted and how much. I filled out the application on my computer while he gave me the information to put down, and I emailed a copy to him and his wife for them to electronically sign. When they opened the email, they were taken through the application to make sure the information was correct, they electronically signed each required page, and the life insurance company emailed me to tell me that they had finished. Since it won’t let you continue if you don’t fill in the fields or sign, there is no chance of missed information and signatures. All in all, this took about 10 minutes on the phone and 10 to 15 minutes for them to electronically sign them.

Then the medical exam company scheduled quick 10 minute exams for each of them around their schedule, and the process was finished.

This isn’t your parents’ life insurance process.

-Stevens Lambert, Producer at Gannon Associates