As an Insurance Educator, it’s my job to ask questions.

When was the last time your agent sat down with you and did a comprehensive policy review?

Does your current agent shop your policy for you to make sure it’s the most competitive price?

Connecting back to my post on LinkedIn a few weeks ago, a good agent is proactive; not reactive. The time for your agent to react is not when you come back to them with a proposal from the competition.

Here’s what normally happens: You don’t hear from your agent. You get a new quote from another agent, take it back and say ‘here’s what they can do for me.’ It’s at this point your current agent goes into defense mode. You’ve caught them off-guard and they don’t want to lose you. It’s all too common that at this point, they will try to lower your price to make their policy more appealing. Unfortunately, sometimes lowering the premium results in compromising coverage.

…The threat of losing your business shouldn’t be the only time an agent decides to act.

Why haven’t they reached out to you this year to make sure your policy information is still accurate?

Why haven’t they reached out to make sure you are happy with your current policy?

That’s where you need a proactive agent like me.

I don’t ‘write it and forget it.’ I want to create relationships with my clients. You’re not just a policy number. I will reach out to you throughout the year and in addition, contact you well before renewal time to ensure you’re happy and that any updates are handled in advance. I’ll make sure I’m providing not only the best price but the best coverage I can offer. I will answer your calls personally – not pass them off. I will make sure that you get the answers you’re looking for.

My job is to make sure you are happy with the services and coverage I’m providing you. My job is to make you want to be my client.

Your business is my business. Is it time to make a change?

-Kyle Kintner, Producer at Gannon Associates